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Who is the tame green lion?

Posted July 11, 2010 by Rudyard Magallanes
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Lion Turtle: The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost; the true heart can touch all ways of hatred without being harmed; since the beginning-less time darkness thrives in the void but always yields to purify light.

Welcome to my website!

Posted May 21, 2010 by Rudyard Magallanes
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This website is a platform to share several of my pursuits: professional career, Army Reservist career, and  my interests in cooking, story writing, applications of academic knowledge, and experiencing the very many outdoor activities.

Professional career: I don’t know 😆. My titles have been Tax Auditor, Financial Analyst, Investment Management Specialist, and Cash Management Administrator.

Army Reserves career: I appreciate the US Army Reserves for the war fighting skills its leaders display. Where else have I picked up my O-5 at the drop zone?

 This is where I relearned Soldiering skills and thrived. I am currently an Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer. My career field however is military intelligence and my deployment experience was monitoring government contracts in the red zone.

I cook almost daily and love it. Watch for my favorite recipes that will make it on these web pages. As for writing, I guess it will be in all sorts of forms: blogs, recipes, poems, and hopefully even short stories. I hope I accumulate meaningful material.

The California outdoors belongs in my heart. I can do it all here. I love to sail, road bike, mountain bike, and golf.<<